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New Year, New Room

Posted on January 12, 2018 by Advance Companies

Sorry to use such a cliché phrase right out of the gate, but it was just too easy! There’s no better way to improve your own life than to improve your living space. It clears your head and helps you feel like you’ve upgraded. It’s time for a change in your life, so why not start with a beautiful new room in your home? We thought we’d start you off right this year with a few amazing decorating and remodeling ideas for a brand new room in your home. So first ask yourself: what do you want?

Option 1: Capture Your Focus with a New Office

We all love working from home if we’re given the chance. But let’s be honest. When you work from home you’re probably only half as productive as you would be at the office, right? We understand. That’s why you need a lovely, cozy, new office to work in. If you have the space, this could turn into your new favorite room. Even if you don’t have a job that allows you to work from home, having a home office is good for other things too like reading, paying bills or doing research online, and even just some alone time. If you’d like to begin work on your new office, here are a few ideas to get you started.

A comfortable home office with books, a reading chair and lamp, and windows for natural light.

Hardwood flooring

This beautiful flooring will really bring your office together aesthetically, and professionally. Hardwood floor seems like it is expensive, and in some cases it is, but if you choose a cheaper wood with a nice finish you can achieve the same results. If you are choosing to only put hardwood floors in one room, your cost shouldn’t be too bad either. Once you decide on a style of hardwood, hire a professional to install it. You wouldn’t want a novice to mess up your brand new hardwood that you likely paid a pretty penny for. Consider these types of wood for your new office:

  • Beech – Beech is soft and on the low end of pricing.
  • Maple – Maple if very durable and is slightly more expensive.
  • Mahogany – Go big or go home right?

GIF of Effie from Hunger Games saying that is mahogany.

Glorified Paper Station

Okay that’s really just a fancy way of saying get a desk. Your desk can be modern in its design, with minimal decoration and light architecture, or it can be a true ode to the above gif. Here are a few of our favorite desks from IKEA:

And RC Willey:

Choose wisely, because you’ll be sitting here for years to come!

Pretend That You Read

No office would be complete without a lovely bookshelf displaying all the books that you’ve never read. It makes you look well-educated, and lends a really rustic feel to your new office. You can choose to either install a new bookshelf mounted on your walls, do separated shelves, or simply purchase a bookshelf and move it in. You’ll need a professional carpenter to install a bookshelf on the walls. We personally love these creatively installed book shelves. Which one is your favorite?

  A home office has a oriental rug, a desk and chairs, and a wall-sized bookshelf with a TV in the middle.An asymmetrical bookshelf hangs behind two office desks. A wall bookshelf with equal-sized shelves holds books and art while a bike leans against it.

Protect Your Eyes

Before you think “what does that even mean,” just know that we’re talking about paint. You see, choosing the right paint color is imperative to protecting you from eye strain, over stimulation, and it will help you focus. So choose a color for your new office that goes along with whichever flooring and desk styles you chose. Check out this cool guide to help you decide.

Have you recently built an office in your home? We want to see! Leave a comment, or post on our Facebook page and we’ll like and repost!

Option 2: Kid’s Playroom

This is such a lovely way to show how much you love your family. And if we’re being honest, it’s a good place to send your children to if you need some quiet time. Whichever way you prefer, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Extended Space

There’s no doubt that children need quite a lot of space to play (and even when they have it they still manage to run into stuff). A way that you can capitalize on existing space you have is to knock out a wall. Don’t freak out about a project like this! Opening up a space is easy enough if you have the right people to help you, and you’ll really appreciate the added space. This idea is good for people that maybe have an extra room not being used, or a basement with some weird architecture you’d like to rectify.

A basement with blue walls is in the middle of being remodeled.

Indoor Climbing Gym

Your kids will absolutely love this! Logistically, it’s not too difficult to pull off. You’ll need…

  • A location – make sure your wall isn’t too tall, and that you can angle your new climbing wall so if (when) your child falls off, they will land safely.
  • A safe place to land – like in Growing Slower’s blog, you can place mattresses or something else soft under the wall for your children to land in, or you can build a small foam pit.
  • The actual wall – Here you can either DIY with a little bit of research, or you can hire a professional.

If you build this in your kid’s new playroom they will definitely be occupied for hours on end! Take all the right safety precautions, and watch their faces light up when they see it!


That’s right. We’re talking about a house within a house. Surely you’ve seen those basements with the “house” under the stairs? You don’t have to have stairs to create this awesome addition to your child’s playroom. Employ a restoration and remodel company to build your new indoor play place, and the rest is history!

A children's play room is decorated with wild animals and toys.

Option 3: Movie Theater

We saved the most expensive renovation for last. This one is certainly a project, but brings enjoyment to everyone that get’s to use it. Creating an in-home theater greatly increases the value of your home as well. Do you have a passion for movies, but don’t want to go all the way to the theater? Let’s see what it’s going to take.

A home theater is decorated with red and gold accents and black arm chairs.

The Big Screen

If you’re considering building an in-home theater, you’ll need to do proper research to make sure you’re getting the right things done for your needs and budget. Involve a remodel company from the start so you don’t create any gaps in the process. When it comes to the screen in your new theater, you have a few options…

Once you’ve decided what type of screen and projector you’ll have, you need to figure out the logistics of the room. HGTV posted a great blog on how to do this yourself. Because we are advocates of getting a professional to help you with this big of a project, see if you can do some of the work yourself, and if the bigger things like the levels (pictured above) and the electrical wiring can be done by a remodel company and an electrician. This will ensure your theater is safe and beautiful.

Invite Your Lazy Boys

The seating you choose is very important for this endeavor. Your guests and family have chosen to go to your home theater so they don’t have to deal with the downfalls of a real theater. Give them the best with some of these wallet-friendly options:

Just imagining ourselves in this fictional theater we’ve created has us wanting to start building one right now. We are always looking for new projects and fun ideas to improve your homes. Did you like any of these ideas? Let us help you make them a reality. We are professional flooring installers, carpenters, and remodel experts. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 763-572-2000. For other remodel and restoration information, we are always posting updates and ideas on our blog.

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