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Spring Cleaning Motivation: Music Playlist Recommendations

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Advance Companies

Why Spring Cleaning is a Must

Is your home feeling cluttered? Do you feel like you need a clean start? If this sounds like you, spring cleaning is a must. Spring cleaning helps give a refreshing feeling and a new beginning to kick of your spring before summer. Clean homes can help increase productivity and give a sense of fulfillment.

Need Motivation? Create a Spring Cleaning Playlist.

Spring cleaning is important, but let’s be honest, it can be difficult to find the motivation to undergo a massive cleaning project. We have compiled songs from artists in a variety of different genres, depending on the spring cleaning job. Hopefully this compilation of music will help give you the needed motivation to begin your spring cleaning.

Storage Cleaning – Rock:

Cleaning storage rooms or closets need an extra dose of motivation because it can be drawn out for a couple of hours, depending on the severity of clutter. Rock music will give you the needed boost and sustainability to keep pushing on.

Classic Rock

Rush: “Tom Sawyer”, “Limelight”, “The Spirit Of Radio”, “YYZ”, “Bastille Day”
AC/DC: “Thunderstruck”, “Hells Bells”, “T.N.T.”, “Highway to Hell”
Van Halen: “Hot For Teacher”, “You Really Got Me”, “Jump”, “Panama”
Guns N’ Roses: “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Paradise City”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Punk Rock

Blink-182: “I Miss You”, “All The Small Things”, “First Date”, “Bored To Death”, “She’s Out Of Her Mind”
The Used: “Blue And Yellow”, “I Caught Fire”, “Buried Myself Alive”
Sum 41: “In Too Deep”, “Fat Lip” (Clean Version), “Pieces”
Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Under The Bridge”, “Can’t Stop”, “Snow”, “Otherside”

Bathrooms – Electronic Dance Music:

Bathrooms can be places of relaxation, relief, and alone time. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is all about the feels, and when cleaning your place of relaxation you need music that will help you feel relaxed. Vibe out while you are cleaning your tub, countertop, and toilet.

Porter Robinson: “Sad Machine”, “Divinity”, “Lionhearted”, “Shelter”, “Flicker”
Gareth Emery: “Saving Light”, “Sansa”, “Concrete Angel”, “Long Way Home”
Seven Lions: “Falling Away – Festival Mix”, “Steps Of Deep Slumber”, “Rush Over Me”
Above And Beyond: “My Own Hymn”, “Peace Of Mind”, “We’re All We Need”, “Alright Now”

Car/Truck – Country:

Country music artists often sing about their trucks, dogs, and the outdoors. If you have a car or truck jam out to some country music while cleaning out your vehicle.

Luke Bryan: “Most People Are Good”, “Play It Again”, “Move”
Carrie Underwood: “Church Bells”, “Blown Away”, “Dirty Laundry”
Brad Paisley: “She’s Everything”, “Last Time For Everything”, “Today”
Blake Shelton: “Sangria”, “Every Time I Hear That Song”, “I Lived It”

Kitchen – Classical:

Kitchens are where art and creation take place. Whether you create your own art and have elaborate recipes for food you make, or you love the art of the microwaving your food, you need a playlist that will help you clean your area of creativity. Enjoy music at its purest form while you’re cleaning your kitchen area.

Beethoven: “Symphony No. 8”, “Symphony No. 3”, “Symphony No. 6”
Johann Sebastian Bach: “Ave Maria”, “Violin Concerto”

Dance the Dust Away

We hope that this compilation of artists and songs helps you in your quest of spring cleaning. We know that it can be a tiresome task to clean out a home, but you might as well enjoy the process with some good music while you’re at it. Regularly cleaning can help prevent damage to your home. If you find some unexpected damage to your home during your spring cleaning, feel free to give us a call and we will help get the situation solved.

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